The Microlife WatchBP solution provides primary care physicians with the tools to systematically combine measurements taken in the doctor’s office with those taken by patients in-between office visits.

Singular in-office blood pressure measurements using conventional sphygmomanometry provide a quick estimate of blood pressure, but may also lead to an inaccurate assessment of a patient’s true blood pressure condition. A systematic combination of validated doctor-office and patient-home measurements has been proven to result in a more comprehensive picture of a patient's blood pressure, leading to a more accurate hypertension diagnosis and treatment assessment.(1)

A suite of in-office and out-of-office blood pressure measurement devices

The Microlife WatchBP solution does not rely on a single device for all measurements. Instead, WatchBP includes a suite of blood pressure measurement devices designed for unique measurement requirements in the doctor’s office and the patient’s home. These include WatchBP office - a clinical blood pressure measurement device for use in the doctor’s office; WatchBP O3 – a hybrid blood pressure measurement device that incorporates an ambulatory blood pressure measurement function and a guideline-recommended 7-day self blood pressure measurement function for use outside the doctor’s office; and WatchBP home – a blood pressure measurement device for use in the patient’s home that includes the recommended 7-day self measurement and standard measurement functions.

The Microlife WatchBP Solution consists of the WatchBP office, the WatchBP O3, the WatchBP home devices, along with the WatchBP Analyzer software.

Advancing hypertension diagnosis and treatment assessment

Being able to use WatchBP devices to collect a combination of in-office and out-of-office measurements also provides physicians with the ability to classify patients with hidden hypertension types such as masked and white coat hypertension.(2) Armed with this information, physicians are able to tailor treatments to their client’s true hypertension condition.

Physician-guided home blood pressure measurement

There is an increasing consensus among hypertension specialities and medical societies that home blood pressure measurements are an important adjunct to measurements taken in the doctor’s office, able to increase patient involvement and treatment compliance. Nevertheless, concerns over patient measurement technique, device validation, and patients' preoccupation with their blood pressure have reduced physicians' enthusiasm for patient-collected home measurements.

With WatchBP, however, physicians are now in a position to initiate and monitor home blood pressure measurement. The WatchBP home device, with embedded 7-day blood pressure measurement protocol as recommended by the ESH and AHA, helps physicians manage patient-collected home measurements, leading to more accurate home blood pressure measurement data.(3) Combined with measurements using WatchBP office and WatchBP O3 devices, measurements taken using WatchBP home lead to more accurate blood pressure assessments.

Follow ESH and AHA guidelines without added burden

Microlife WatchBP devices have been designed to assist busy practices in the collection of multiple in-office measurements, as recommended by the ESH and AHA. By automating simultaneous inter-arm measurements, the WatchBP office reduces the time needed to complete multiple dual-arm measurements and related data averaging. WatchBP O3 and Home devices help manage patients' out-of-office measurements and perform automated data averaging so patients return to the next visit with a single, averaged measurement.


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